International History Seminar 2014 Programme

Convenors: Ms Melanie Aspey (The Rothschild Archive), Dr Christopher Baxter (The Cabinet Office), Dr Best (LSE), Dr Ellison (QMUL), Professor Gaynor Johnson (Univeristy of Kent), Dr Kandiah (KCL), Dr Kelly (KCL), Dr Pedaliu (LSE), Mrs Staerck (IHR), Dr Kate Utting (KCL), Professor J. Young (University of Nottingham) 

Institute of Historical Research

Venue: American History Room, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU

Time: Tuesday, 6.00pm

Spring Term 2016

5 January Dr Peter Yearwood (University of Papua New Guinea)
‘The Fall of Asquith, Phase 1, November 1916’
19 January Dr Edward Hampshire (Sandhurst)
‘“Why can't we be more like the French?" Margaret Thatcher, the FCO and the re-setting of British overseas arms sales policy, 1979–80’
2 February Dr Kaetan Mistry (UEA)
‘War Short of War: The United States and Political Warfare at the Outset of "Cold" War’

16 February  Toshi Aono (LSE) ‘Anglo-American relations in the Kennedy Era’

1 March Dr James RV Ellison (QMUL),
‘The British decision to go to war in Iraq in 2003’
8 March Professor Erik Goldstein (Boston University, USA)

'Inventing Shared Memories: Anglo-American Soft Diplomacy, 1860-1917'

Summer Term 2016

26 April  Harris Mylonas (George Washington University) ‘The Politics of Nation-building in the Balkans’

10 May Dr Rudra Chaudhuri (KCL)  'Nehru's Emissary: V K Krishna Menon and the Long 1950s'

24 May  Dr Martin Farr (Newcastle)   'Margaret Thatcher's World'

7 June Amy Limoncelli (Boston College, USA)  ‘Britain, the United Nations and the creation of an International Civil Service’


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