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BIHG Conference 2018, University of Exeter 30 August - 1 September 2018

The BIHG Committee invites you to contribute a paper to the conference. As in previous conferences we are pleased to receive offers to present papers on a wide range of subjects in International History, for any period. These include:

  • Inter-State Diplomatic Relations
  • Domestic Issues in Foreign Policy
  • History of International Relations
  • Military History (including strategic issues, POWs etc)
  • Intelligence and/or Propaganda
  • International Organisations and Institutions
  • Inter-Imperial Relations
  • International Economic Relations
  • Cultural and/or Transnational Processes

The committee accepts both individual paper (20 minutes) and complete panel submissions consisting of three 20 minute papers.

The deadline for receipt of offers to contribute is 16th April 2018

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